Digital Transformation Division

The Digital Transformation Division assesses the opportunities and risks associated with digitisation in the healthcare sector and in the FOPH and serves in a steering and advisory capacity both internally and externally. It is developing a digitization strategy with the involvement of all the stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

Information and communication technologies are playing an ever-greater role in the healthcare sector, including in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, in therapies, in preventive and follow-up care for patients and in data management.

The Digital Transformation Division draws up the necessary overarching architectures and standards within the FOPH. It manages application platforms and is in charge of setting up the electronic patient record in Switzerland. In so doing, it focuses on data security, data privacy and the interaction and networking of different IT systems across different divisions and offices (interoperability). The division additionally observes and evaluates potential innovative topics, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data and blockchain.

Mathias Becher

Mathias Becher
Head of Digital Transformation Division

Last modification 01.11.2022

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