Political mandates & action plans

Health is an important matter, as illness can result in substantial costs. Policymakers are seeking solutions, with the Confederation and cantons assuming mandates and formulating action plans. We participate in projects or execute mandates and action plans on behalf of the political authorities.

Drug policy in Switzerland

Swiss drug policy aims at minimizing drug use and its negative consequences. It is based on the four pillars of prevention, therapy, harm reduction and repression.

Action plan on suicide prevention in Switzerland

The federal government has worked closely with other stakeholders to draw up the action plan on suicide prevention. The aim is the reduction of suicid-ality during stress crises or mental illnesses.

Action plan for nanomaterials

The action plan, which expired at the end of 2019, indicated what work should be embarked on in Switzerland from 2008 to 2019 to ensure the safe handling of nanomaterials. The Federal Council took note of the final report on the Action plan on 2 September 2020.

Radon action plan 2021-2030

The Federal Council adopted the Radon action plan 2021-2030 on 8 May 2020. This action plan ensures the continuation of the radon protection strategy and is a further development of the Radon action plan 2012-2020.

Action plan regarding the radiological security "Radiss"

Radioactive sources must always be and remain under regulatory control to protect health and environment. The action plan "Strengthening radiological security and safety in Switzerland 2020–2025 (Radiss)" aims to ensure this.