Political mandates & action plans

Health is an important matter, as illness can result in substantial costs. Policymakers are seeking solutions, with the Confederation and cantons assuming mandates and formulating action plans. We participate in projects or execute mandates and action plans on behalf of the political authorities.

National Rare Disease Policy

The National Rare Disease Policy is the Swiss Federal Council’s response to postulate 10.4055 on national strategy to improve the health situation of people with rare diseases and postulate 11.4025 on the health hardship commission.

Action plan on suicide prevention in Switzerland

The federal government has worked closely with other stakeholders to draw up the action plan on suicide prevention. The aim is the reduction of suicid-ality during stress crises or mental illnesses.

Support for relatives providing care and nursing

Given the demographic development, the significance of relatives providing care for their ill family members will continue to increase in future. For that reason there are a number of measures to better support relatives.

Action plan for synthetic nanomaterials

The Action plan indicates what work is necessary in Switzerland for the safe handling of nanomaterials. On 17 December 2014, the Federal Council decided to continue the action plan until 2019.