Health insurance

Mandatory basic health insurance guarantees everybody living in this country affordable access to good medical care. The FOPH is responsible for ensuring the ongoing development of this important social accomplishment. Find out here about the mandatory insurance requirement for people resident in Switzerland or abroad, about the way the system is overseen, the benefits it provides, the tariffs charged, how quality is assured, and relevant amendments to the law. 

The Essentials in Brief

Mandatory health insurance ensures wider access to high-quality medical care for all.

Insured persons resident in Switzerland

This section provides you with all the information you will need regarding compulsory health insurance for people resident in Switzerland.

Persons domiciled abroad

This section provides you with all the information you will need regarding Swiss compulsory health insurance for persons domiciled abroad.

Insurers and supervision

As far as social health insurance is concerned the insurers are supervised by the Federal Office of Public Health.

Benefits and tariffs

Which services are covered by the compulsory health insurance?

Description of services

Who is responsible for description of services reimbursed under compulsory health insurance?

Quality and patient safety

Despite the good standard of health care in Switzerland, there is room for improvement in terms of quality and patient safety.

Current Revision Projects

Ongoing projects in the area of Health Insurance

Revision projects adopted

Adopted projects in the area of Health Insurance.