Statistics on health insurance

In this section you can access data relating to health insurance premium trend monitoring, statistics on compulsory health insurance and other statistics relating to health insurance.

The full content is only available on the French and German pages.


Health Insurance Dashboard

The health insurance dashboard provides a single, easy-to-access platform for consulting the compulsory health insurance figures collected by the FOPH (currently available in German and French).

Monitoring of ongoing cost development

Current trends in gross benefits per person by canton of residence and cost group. 4 updates per year. Time series by cost group, age group and canton from 1997.

Statistics on compulsory health insurance

This section provides information regarding publications on compulsory health insurance.

Other statistics on health insurance

This section includes, amongst other information, articles, research reports, forms, monitoring data and information on compulsory health insurance premiums.

Anonymised individual data on compulsory health insurance

This section provides an overview of the legal basis, documentation and use of the anonymised individual data that the FOPH receives from insurance providers in the course of its activities.

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