Reports on the activities of the ethics committees and human research

Reports on the activities of the ethics committees and human research

Bern, 24.11.2023 – Human research in Switzerland: A review of 2022. Following the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of research projects in Switzerland returned to normal and was close to pre-pandemic levels.

Combating antibiotic resistance together

Combating antibiotic resistance together

Bern, 16.11.2023 – The global health community will be putting the focus once again on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) from 18 to 24 November, to raise awareness of the issue among the public, professionals and the political world.

Global Ministerial Patient Safety Summit

Global Ministerial Patient Safety Summit

Bern, 22.2.2023 – On 23 and 24 February 2023, Switzerland will be the host of the fifth Global Ministerial Patient Safety Summit. Experts and policymakers from around the world will meet for talks in Montreux.

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FOPH Infectious Diseases Dashboard

Launch of new Infectious Diseases Dashboard

The new FOPH Infectious Diseases Dashboard (IDD) is now online. It provides a clear and up-to-date overview of the epidemiological development of influenza, COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases in Switzerland.

Elektronisches Patientendossier

Revision of the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

The EPR is to become a central Pillar of the healthcare system. The Federal Council wants to further develop the EPR through targeted measures and increase the benefits for all. In future, a free EPR will be opened automatically for everyone.



Information on COVID-19, the symptoms and the range of illness severity as well as the origin of the coronavirus.

Gesundheitsinformationen für Schutzsuchende aus der Ukraine

Health information for people who have fled Ukraine

Useful information on medical care, health insurance and other health topics in Ukrainian and other languages.

Recommendation: vaccination against chicken pox

Recommendation: vaccination against chicken pox

From 2023, we are recommending two vaccine doses against chicken pox (varicella) for all infants at 9 and 12 months – preferably with a combined vaccine that protects against four diseases: measles, mumps, rubella and varicella.


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symbolic image Electronic Patient Record EPR

Spectra on the Electronic Patient Record

The EPR offers multiple advantages: it simplifies processes between stakeholders, strengthens cooperation and avoids duplication – for the benefit of us all. The infrastructure is in place. Things are moving forward.

Portraitfoto Linda Nartey

Integrated health promotion

«Physical diseases are often associated with psychological stress. Individuals not only have too little money but also an inadequate social network,» says Linda Nartey, Vice Director of the FOPH.

Swiss doctors well satisfied

Swiss doctors well satisfied

Switzerland is a regular participant in the international surveys of the Commonwealth Fund Foundation. In 2022 the country’s primary care doctors gave their own healthcare system the highest marks in an international comparison.

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Gesundheit2030 Logo Grau

Strategy Health2030

Everyone in Switzerland should continue to benefit from high-quality, affordable healthcare. In the Health2030 Strategy, you can find out how the Federal Council intends to achieve this goal.



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