Vaccination Strategy

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National Vaccination Strategy

It is possible to protect the general public even more effectively against infectious diseases. To achieve this goal, the Federal Council has adopted a National Vaccination Strategy (NVS) designed to optimise vaccine protection.


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Prevention campaign LOVE LIFE

The new LOVE LIFE prevention campaign focuses on change in sexual partners, which can increase the risk of catching HIV or another sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Strategy Addictions

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Strategy Addictions

In order to reinforce the prevention of addictions, the Federal Council approved the measures plan of the National Strategy Addictions 2017-2024. Its purpose is to prevent addictions and to provide early support to at-risk individuals.

In focus

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Regions insurance premiums

The Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) divides larger cantons with major differences in healthcare costs are into two or three different regions for the purposes of premiums.

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Strategie Antibiotikaresistenzen Bereich Mensch

So viel wie nötig, so wenig wie möglich – Antibiotika als lebensrettende Medikamente sollen für den Mensch und das Tier langfristig erhalten bleiben.

Doctor-patient instruction

Patients' rights

Your relationship with your doctor involves rights and obligations. Here you can find out about your specific rights at the doctor's and in hospital, and in relation to living wills, organ donation and counselling.

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Support for relatives providing care and nursing

Given the demographic development, the significance of relatives providing care for their ill family members will continue to increase in future. For that reason there are a number of measures to better support relatives.


Diet & exercise

A balanced diet and sufficient exercise are key to physical and mental health. Find out here about the FOPH’s efforts to promote healthy weight and everyday exercise.

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Suicides et tentatives de suicide

Penser au suicide est une réaction habituelle en cas de grande détresse psychique. Mettre fin à ses jours semble alors être la (seule) issue possible. Les gens qui pensent au suicide ne veulent généralement pas mourir.


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NOSO 2016 Surgery

NOSO Strategy - in brief

Brochure concludes the National Strategy for the Monitoring, Prevention and Control of Healthcare- Associated Infections.



Spectra provides information on prevention and health promotion. The publication is geared towards mediators in social services and political players.

Media releases


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Strategy Health2020

Going forward the Swiss healthcare system has to maintain its high quality and remain fundable and accessible to everyone. This is the goal of the 36 measures set out in the federal administration’s Health2020 strategy. Find out more here.

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