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COVID certificate

COVID certificate

7 June 21 – The COVID certificate is being gradually rolled out from today and is to be available to everyone from end-June. It documents that you have had a COVID-19 vaccination, recovered from the disease or tested negative.

List of countries and areas with an increased risk of infection

List of countries and areas with an increased risk of infection

2 June 2021 – Starting 3 June, countries including Croatia, Luxembourg and Turkey and certain regions in France, Germany and Italy are no longer on the list.

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New look for the SafeZone online platform

21.4.2021 – The relaunched SafeZone online addiction advice platform gives visitors the option of asking questions and doing additional self-tests, and provides more information and assistance for families of those with addictions.


Clinical Research: The Database

12.10.20 - On the Swiss online portal SNCTP, interested individuals can find approved clinical trials in the field of human research. The functions have now been extended.

In focus

Reproductive Medicine: facts & figures

Reproductive Medicine: facts & figures

Who undergoes treatment to fulfill their desire to have children? And how many children are conceived with medical assistance? A monitoring programme provides data on reproductive medicine.

Health system is highly rated by the population

Health system is highly rated by the population

The vast majority of residents aged over 18 in Switzerland are satisfied with the quality of healthcare received. This was shown by the latest survey conducted in eleven countries by the Commonwealth Fund.

Flu vaccination

Flu vaccination: book an appointment now

The FOPH advises vulnerable groups and people in contact with them to have a flu vaccination. In 2020, doses of the vaccine will be delivered on a staggered basis. Even if you’re vaccinated in December, it’s early enough.


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When a behaviour becomes an addition

When a behaviour becomes an addition

Shopping and video games are fun diversions – but not for everyone. When a passion turns into excessive behaviour, an addiction can develop. More on this in the new edition of spectra. 

Gambling: help on the web

Gambling: help on the web

Win Back Control is a web-based self-help programme for people addicted to gambling. “We reckon that only ten per cent of gambling addicts at the most are in treatment,” says project head Michael Schaub.

Bilancio intermedio delle strategie MNT e Dipendenze

Interim verdict on the strategies

“The biggest achievement is that the NCD strategy has resulted in more funds being available for prevention across Switzerland,” says Salome von Greyerz in an article on national prevention programmes in the latest spectra (in German).

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Gesundheit2030 Logo Grau

Strategy Health2030

Everyone in Switzerland should continue to benefit from high-quality, affordable healthcare. In the Health2030 Strategy, you can find out how the Federal Council intends to achieve this goal.



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