Health promotion & prevention

Vaccinations and preventive healthcare can eliminate or reduce illness and the resulting costs. That’s why we promote the health literacy of people in Switzerland. A healthy lifestyle helps ensure good health.

Preventing infectious disease

Communicable (infectious) diseases can be avoided by means of vaccinations, prophylactic treatment and education, for example by providing measles vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis or information on sexually transmitted diseases.

Healthy lifestyle by way of prevention

Non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and cancer can occur as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle or lack of knowledge. For this reason we provide information and motivation. The goal is to prevent disease or respond quickly and appropriately if people do fall ill.

You’ll find information on nutrition on the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO website.

New basic attitude in healthcare

Non-communicable diseases are on the increase. If we want to prevent them or delay their onset we need a new basic attitude in healthcare: a holistic and preventive approach.

On the preventive side we’re increasingly involving care providers such as hospitals, homes and independent health specialists. The idea is for them to guide and advise ill people or those at an elevated risk of disease on how to improve their health. Data and apps can also aid prevention by facilitating communication between patients and their care providers.

Vaccinations and prevention

Infectious diseases can have serious consequences. Vaccinations are the most effective form of protection, not only for your own child. There are also medicinal prophylactic treatments for diseases such as malaria.

Preventive health for children and young people

What happens in childhood and youth influences health later on in life. That’s why we promote children’s health with measures and preventive healthcare in early detection and intervention, sex education and schools.

Last modification 21.08.2018

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