The FOPH has some 600 professional and dedicated employees who are committed to protecting public health and improving the country’s healthcare system. Find out more about the FOPH organisation and get to know the senior management, directorates, divisions and extra-parliamentary commissions here.

As of December 2016, the FOPH employed 565 people (456.35 full-time equivalents). This figure refers to permanent posts, and does not include fixed-term and temporary positions, apprentices and interns.

In 2017 the FOPH has a budget of approximately CHF 155 million and administers restricted funds of around CHF 2.978 billion (of which CHF 2.633 billion is reserved for premium reductions in compulsory health insurance system, CHF 220 million for military insurance payments and CHF 125 million for further committed costs).

Senior management

The senior management of the FOPH comprises the director and the heads of four directorates and five divisions.

Directorates and Divisions

The FOPH is made up of various directorates and divisions. Find out more about the tasks and responsibilities of the individual divisions here.

Extra-parliamentary committees

Organisations can represent their interests in extra-parliamentary commissions, allowing the Federal Administration to increase its specialised knowledge. Here you can find information on the commissions advising the FOPH on various health topics.

Last modification 25.01.2018

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