We are committed to protecting public health and improving the country’s healthcare system. Find out more here about how the FOPH is structured.

  • DirectorAnne Lévy, Member of senior management
    • FOPH COVID-19 Task ForceChristine Kopp / Salome von Greyerz
    • Health and Accident InsuranceThomas Christen, Member of senior management
      • Health Insurance BenefitsKarin Schatzmann / Marc Schneider
        • Laboratory Tests and Medical Devicesvakant-vacant-vacante
        • Authorisation of PharmaceuticalsJörg Indermitte
        • Review of PharmaceuticalsAndrea Rizzi
        • Health Technology AssessmentStephanie Vollenweider
        • Benefits LegislationUmut Wyttenbach / Sarah Leiendecker
        • Medical ServicesClaudia Scheuter / Stefan Otto
      • Tariffs and PrinciplesSandra Schneider
        • Data Management and StatisticsClaude Vuffray
        • Quality and ProcessesSarah Ott a.i.
        • Outpatient Tariffs and Service ProvidersBruno Fuhrer
        • Inpatient Tariffs and Service ProvidersVincent Koch
        • Secretariat Federal Quality CommissionMonika Diebold
      • Insurance SupervisionPhilipp Muri
        • AuditChristophe In-Albon
        • Operational SupervisionMarc Schmutz
        • Governance SupervisionPascal Perren
        • Premium and Solvency SupervisionEsther Schütz
        • Legal Supervision of Health InsuranceStefanie Mathis-Zerfass
        • Accident Insurance and Prevention, Military InsuranceCristoforo Motta
    • Prevention and Public Health ServicesLinda Nartey, Member of senior management
      • Health StrategiesSalome von Greyerz
        • Disease RegistryEmin Aghayev
        • National Health PolicyLea von Wartburg
        • Health EquityKarin Gasser / Serge Houmard
      • Prevention of Non-Communicable DiseasesRoy Salveter
        • Prevention StrategiesEva Bruhin
        • Scientific BasesAnnette Fahr
        • Policy Bases and ImplementationAdrian Gschwend
        • Health Promotion and PreventionPetra Bäriswyl Pesenti / Kathrin Favero
        • Prevention in HealthcareAlberto Marcacci
        • Tobacco Control FundPeter Blatter
      • Communicable DiseasesRoy Salveter a.i.
        • Crisis Management and International RelationsPatrick Mathys
        • Notification SystemsAndreas Birrer
        • Epidem. Monitoring and AssessmentMirjam Mäusezahl / Marianne Jost
        • Strategies, Principles and ProgrammesHans Matter
        • Prevention and PromotionSimone Eigenmann
        • Vaccination Recommendations and Control Measuresvakant-vacant-vacante
        • Infection Control and Vaccination ProgrammesVirginie Masserey
      • Healthcare ProfessionsBernadette Häfliger Berger
        • Healthcare professions - PracticePriska Frey
        • Healthcare professions - DevelopmentDéborah Prisi
        • Healthcare Professions RegisterDaniel Herzog
        • Healthcare Professions - Basic Medical Care SectionBeradette Häfliger Berger a.i.
    • Health ProtectionAndrea Arz de Falco, Member of senior management
      • Radiation ProtectionSébastien Baechler
        • Non-Ionising Radiation and DosimetryEvelyn Stempfel
        • Radiological RiskDaniel Storch
        • Radiotherapy and Medical DiagnosticsPhilipp Trueb / Reto Treier
        • Ambient RadioactivitySybille Estier
        • Research Facilities and Nuclear MedicineNicolas Stritt
      • Chemical ProductsSteffen Wengert
        • Risk EvaluationMartine Bourqui-Pittet
        • BiocidesPierre Crettaz
        • Market Control and AdviceHeribert Bürgy
        • REACH and Risk ManagementBrunhilde Kolp Buchs
        • Indoor PollutantsRoger Waeber
      • BiomedicineMatthias Enderle
        • Human ResearchBrigitte Meier
        • Therapeutic Products LawDaniel Albrecht
        • TransplantationAlexandra Volz Wenger / Susanne Nyfeler
        • Biosafety, Human Genetics, Repro­ductive MedicineThomas Binz
      • Chemical Product Notification Authority Mauro Schindler
    • Digital Transformation and Steering Nassima Mehira a.i., Member of senior management
      • Digital TransformationPeter Fischer a.i.
        • Digital HealthGian-Reto Grond
        • eHealth Suisse Competence and Coordination CentreAdrian Schmid
        • IT and GEVERBruno Blatter
        • Digitalisation Strategyvakant-vacant-vacante
      • Steering Nassima Mehira
        • Finance and AccountsMarkus Stuber
        • Human ResourcesMyriam Ineichen Frank
        • Planning, Steering and Corporate DevelopmentChristoph Michel
        • InnovationMichael Gabathuler
    • Management ServicesBarbara Thévoz Lagast, Member of senior management
      • Political and Official AffairsPatrick Allemann
      • Language ServicesChristine Studer
      • Evaluation and ResearchHerbert Brunold
      • Facility ManagementChristoph Jost
    • Legal AffairsMichael Gerber, Member of senior management
      • Legal Area 1Markus Schlatter
      • Legal Area 2Amedeo Cianci
      • Legal Area 3Michael Gerber i.a.
      • Legal Area 4Catrin Walser
      • Criminal Proceedings SectionMichael Burri
    • International AffairsNora Kronig Romero, Member of senior management
      • Health SectionMartina Schwab / Rhena Forrer
      • EU and Neighbouring StatesRita Grünenfelder
    • Communication and CampaignsGregor Lüthy, Member of senior management
      • Public Health Information and CampaignsAdrian Kammer
      • Communication and MediaKatrin Holenstein

Key figures

Permanent posts as of December 2021

667 staff (274 full-time positions, 393 part-time positions – excluding fixed-term and temporary positions, apprentices, interns)

Global budget 2022

Approx. CHF 238 million (of which CHF 59 million is attributable to COVID-related expenses)

Ring-fenced funds

Approx. CHF 4.87 billion, of which CHF 3.0 billion is reserved for premium reductions in compulsory health insurance system, CHF 202 million for military insurance payments and CHF 1.68 billion for COVID-related expenses.

Last modification 22.12.2021

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