Chemical Exposure in the Human Body

Although the population is exposed to chemicals, there are no measurements that permit the situation in Switzerland to be evaluated. 

There is no doubt that people are exposed to a cocktail of chemicals on a daily basis. In Switzerland, the extent of this exposure and its impact on our health is poorly quantified or completely unknown. The reason for this is simple: no figures are available. This makes it impossible to monitor the way exposure is developing and to evaluate the efficacy of measures that are adopted.

The Chemical Products Division is working on a national biomonitoring project with the aim of collecting samples from a representative section of the population (in terms of age, language, etc.). This development study is explained in more detail under HBM. The standard health parameters such as blood glucose, blood pressure and weight will be recorded at the same time. The data will subsequently be analysed in order to identify possible correlations between exposure and diseases.

Last modification 20.08.2018

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