Environment & health

Outside influences such as radiation (natural or human-made), noise and chemicals can pose a risk to health. Properly informed, you can protect yourself. We work to keep you up to speed on these influences, as well as the effects of heatwaves and alien or genetically modified organisms.


If they’re not used properly chemicals can damage your health. Here you’ll find information on how to handle chemicals in everyday, commercial and industrial settings as well as information on environmental toxins in the home, chemical safety and nanotechnology.

Radiation, radioactivity & sound

The FOPH works to safeguard people and the environment from the health risks of radiation. Find out here about the health aspects of radiation, radioactivity in the environment, radon and medical applications of radiation.


Here you can find information on the concept of biosafety and the role of the FOPH in the implementation of the Containment Ordinance.