Directorates and Divisions

In order to perform its various tasks efficiently and professionally, the FOPH is divided into various directorates and divisions. Find out all you need to know about the activities of the Health and Accident Insurance, Health Policy, Public Health and Consumer Protection Directorates, and the tasks of the Management Services, Communication and Campaigns, International Affairs, Legal Affairs and Resource Management Divisions.  


Pascal Strupler heads the Office as its Director-General and is accountable to the Federal Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Health and Accident Insurance Directorate

The Health and Accident Insurance Directorate is responsible for authorising services and service providers, setting tariffs and shaping health insurance systems to the legislative specifications of parliament and the Federal Council.

Health Policy Directorate

The Health Policy Directorate is responsible for general health policy dossiers and plays a mediating and incentivising role in the FOPH's work with internal and external partners.

Public Health Directorate

The Public Health Directorate promotes health literacy and health protection among the Swiss public.

Consumer Protection Directorate

The Consumer Protection Directorate identifies and evaluates the everyday and extreme risks arising from chemicals and radiation.

Management Services Division

The Management Services Division provides support to the office's senior management and units.

Communication and Campaigns Division

The Communication and Campaigns Division provides information both internally and externally on all the FOPH's major projects.

International Affairs Division

The International Affairs Division conducts the international work of the FOPH and represents Switzerland's interests in international organisations, in particular the World Health Organisation. It cooperates closely with the FOPH directorates.

Legal Affairs Division

The Legal Affairs Division is responsible for all matters relating to the law at the FOPH. It provides legal advice to the senior management and the office's units in their business and activities.

Resource Management Division

The Resource Management Division includes Finance and Accounts, Information and Communication Technologies, Information Management and Facility Management.

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