Directorates and Divisions

The Health and Accident, Public Health and Consumer Protection Directorates, plus the Digital Transformation, Management Services, Communication and Campaigns, International Affairs, Legal Affairs and Resource Management Divisions: Find out about their duties, powers and responsibilities here.


Duties: Coordinating FOPH business with the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA); representing the FOPH or the FDHA in working groups and on parliamentary committees and international bodies; planning reform projects

FOPH COVID-19 Task Force

Duties: controlling and preventing the spread of the coronavirus in Switzerland; minimising the negative effects of COVID-19 on public health; working with partners to formulate and implement measures

Health and Accident Insurance

Duties: Preparing the foundation for arranging and developing the health, accident and military insurance systems and their implementation

Public Health

Duties: Promoting health literacy and protection among members of the Swiss public; gathering information for shaping health policy; developing new health strategies

Healthcare Professions and Consumer Protection

Duties: Assessing risks, raising awareness and drawing up protection strategies when dealing with chemicals and radiation; basic and continuing education, and the exercise of the medical professions

Digital Transformation Division

Duties: Establishing Switzerland’s Electronic Patient Record; advising on digital matters

Management Services Division

Duties: Providing services related to policy matters; advising on project and quality management; planning and steering work and resources; providing strategy-relevant information; human resources and language services

Communication and Campaigns Division

Duties: Providing information internally and externally on relevant projects at the FOPH; preparing communications on the Federal Council’s health policy decisions; running campaigns to improve health literacy among the public

International Affairs Division

Duties: Managing the FOPH’s international work; representing Switzerland’s interests at international organisations, particularly the WHO

Legal Affairs Division

Duties: Dealing with and managing legislative business; assuring coherent legislation; providing expert opinions on legal issues; representing the FOPH in legal disputes

Resource Management Division

Duties: Responsible for finances and accounting, IT, records and process management, infrastructure and campus management

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