Directorates and Divisions

The Health and Accident Insurance, Prevention and Public Health Services, Health Protection and Digital Transformation and Steering Directorates, plus the Management Services, Communication and Campaigns, International Affairs and Legal Affairs Divisions: Find out about their duties, powers and responsibilities here.


Duties: Coordinating FOPH business with the Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA; representing the FOPH or the FDHA in working groups and on parliamentary committees and international bodies; planning reform projects

Health and Accident Insurance

Duties: Preparing the foundation for arranging and developing the health, accident and military insurance systems and their implementation

Prevention and Public Health Services

Duties: Promoting disease prevention; promoting health literacy among members of the Swiss public and strengthening conditions conducive to good health; continuing development of healthcare provision; developing and implementing health strategies; ensuring education and training for healthcare professions and primary healthcare

Health Protection

Duties: Assessing risks, raising public awareness and drawing up protection concepts for dealing with chemicals and radiation; assessing opportunities and risks of biomedicine and state-of-the-art medicine; establishing and monitoring legal frameworks

Digital Transformation and Steering

Duties: Developing and implementing the digitalisation strategy for healthcare and the FOPH; advising on digital issues; managing cross-divisional and cross-departmental digitalisation matters and providing impetus; establishing Switzerland’s Electronic Patient Record; promoting agile, comprehensive collaboration and innovation

Management Services Division

Duties: Coordinating political business, supporting the division; evaluation and research; language services; facility management and security.

Communication and Campaigns Division

Duties: Providing information internally and externally on relevant projects at the FOPH; preparing communications on the Federal Council’s health policy decisions; running campaigns to improve health literacy among the public

International Affairs Division

Duties: Managing the FOPH’s international work; representing Switzerland’s interests at international organisations, particularly the WHO

Legal Affairs Division

Duties: Dealing with and managing legislative business; assuring coherent legislation; providing expert opinions on legal issues; representing the FOPH in legal disputes

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