National health strategies

Many health issues have to be addressed on a nationwide basis and closely coordinated. The federal authorities have adopted national healthcare strategies setting down goals, approaches and measures in various areas of public health policy. Find out here about national strategies in areas including antibiotic resistance, dementia, e-health, cancer, non-communicable diseases, palliative care, addiction and migrant health. 

National Strategy on Addiction

Addiction is a dynamic area of policy that constantly has to respond to new challenges, for example changing patterns of behaviour and trends in consumption.


The National Dementia Platform aims to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their families. To achieve this it focuses on a range of specific issues.


Die Strategie eHealth Schweiz 2.0 bezweckt das elektronische Patientendossier auf nationaler Ebene einzuführen.

Health Equity

Our health system must be accessible to all, regardless of language, origin, social status or educational level.

HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections

The NPHS aims to reduce the number of new infections with HIV and other STIs and to avoid consequences with an adverse effect on health. Information on the programme can be found here.

NOSO Strategy: Hospital and nursing home infections

With the NOSO Strategy, the Confederation and its implementation partners aim to better protect the population against hospital and nursing home infections. Here you can read about the measures that are implemented or planned.

National Strategy Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD strategy)

A healthy lifestyle would help prevent many non-communicable diseases and reduce their consequences. This is where the NCD strategy and its partners come in.

Palliative Care

The National Strategy for Palliative Care was implemented by the federal government from 2010 to 2015. Measures were introduced in several areas, such as care delivery, education and awareness-raising.

Post COVID-19 condition

Together with the cantons and other players, we are working to ensure that people with post COVID-19 condition receive appropriate treatment and support and that research is conducted into this subject.

Quality strategy HIA

This Quality strategy is an update to the 2009 quality strategy of the Federal Council. In accordance with the legal bases, the focus is on the quality of healthcare.


The Confederation, together with the cantons and other stakeholders, has drawn up a national vaccination strategy (NVS) with the aim of guaranteeing that the population is sufficiently protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.