Digital Transformation and Steering Directorate

The Digital Transformation and Steering Directorate drives digitisation in the healthcare sector. With a view to future challenges, the directorate additionally promotes agile and interdisciplinary cooperation within the FOPH and the health sector.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown clearly that digitisation has a central role to play in healthcare and needs to be further strengthened. Information and communication technologies are becoming increasingly important. Existing processes must be reviewed, new solutions found and data used on a shared basis. The directorate is tackling these challenges. It is additionally furthering cooperation both within and outside the FOPH.

Nassima Mehira

Nassima Wyss-Mehira
Head of Digital Transformation and Steering Directorate, Vice Director, Member of the Senior management (since 2022)

Last modification 20.07.2023

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Digital Transformation and Steering Directorate
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