International relations

International cooperation, including cooperation in matters of healthcare, is gaining importance in a globalised and increasingly interconnected world. Within the framework of the health foreign policy passed by the Federal Council the FOPH represents Switzerland’s diverse healthcare-related interests abroad, expertly and coherently. Find out here about how we cooperate with international organisations, the European Union and other States.

Swiss health foreign policy

As the national health authority, the FOPH is one of the agencies responsible for implementation of the Federal Council’s health foreign policy, which requires national actors to adopt a coherent position at the international level.

Global health issues

The FOPH deals with various health issues requiring international coordination. Find out here about topics such as international migration of health workers and international addiction policy.

Cooperation with the European Union (EU)

For Switzerland, the European Union is an important partner in the health sector. Collaboration takes place in both formal and informal settings.

Bilateral relations

Bilateral collaboration allows public health challenges to be addressed across national boundaries. Depending on the requirements of the case, such collaboration can take various forms.

Multilateral cooperation

Under Switzerland’s health foreign policy, the FOPH plays an active role in international organisations, representing this country’s interests. Find out here about multilateral collaboration on health matters within the World Health Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development, and the Council of Europe.

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