National health policy

Duties and responsibilities for Swiss healthcare are divided among the federal, cantonal and municipal authorities. A national health policy enables the various players to coordinate their efforts in select areas of healthcare and at the same time draw on the wealth of ideas and innovative potential inherent in the federal system. Find out here about the current areas of policy.

Health Literacy

We are committed to exploring and empowering the health literacy of the Swiss population. The results of the Swiss Health Literacy Survey show that there is potential for improvement.

Support programmes of the qualified workers initiative “plus”

The existing potential of specialists in Switzerland shall be supported and utilised to a greater extent. This is the objective of the two new healthcare support programmes which were approved by the Federal Council on 4 March 2016.

Relatives providing care and nursing

Here you will find an overview of all federal measures relating to carers and family caregivers for private individuals, healthcare professionals and health policymakers.

Last modification 20.08.2018

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