Facts & figures on hospitals

Want to search for a hospital by canton, specialisation or name? Looking for particular hospital services? It’s all here on these pages. The FOPH is legally obliged to publish operating figures and medical quality indicators from Swiss hospitals. Here you can read about structures, staff and finances, and performance with case figures, mortality and length of stay in the case of illness or operations.  

Hospital search

The available information on the hospital in question can be called up by canton, hospital type or name using the hospital search.

Key figures for Swiss hospitals

These figures provide an overview of the structure, patients, services offered, personnel and financial situation, as well as the average degree of severity of acute admissions to the hospital.

Quality indicators for Swiss acute hospitals

Here you will find details of the treatment provided by Swiss hospitals: case numbers, percentages (e. g. Caesarean section rates), mortality rates for specific clinical symptoms and selected lengths of stay.

Number of cases per DRG Search

The “Number of cases per DRG Search” application can display the num-ber of cases in a diagnosis-related group (basic DRG, DRG, MDC) for a specific hospital, for the year in which a particular tariff structure applies.

Last modification 17.08.2018

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