Sperm donor-conceived children

Adult children conceived via sperm donation may request information about the donor from the EAZW. The following charts show, for example, how many births result from sperm donation and whether donors agree to make contact.

Since the Reproductive Medicine Act came into force in 2001, anonymous sperm donation has been prohibited in Switzerland. The donor’s personal details, health status at the time of donation and physical appearance are recorded. When a birth occurs, this information is reported to the Federal Office for Civil Registration (EAZW).

Further information

Reproductive Medicine Act effectiveness review

The FOPH reviews the effectiveness of the Reproductive Medicine Act.

Legislative projects

The Federal Office of Public Health is responsible for the legal work related to reproductive medicine.

Parliamentary Motions

Since the Reproductive Medicine Act went into force in 2001, more than 30 parliamentary motions have been submitted on the topic.

Expert opinions and recommendations

Expert opinions and recommendations on the legal regulations governing reproductive medicine

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