When does accident insurance cover begin and end?

The cover starts on the date the employment relationship begins or as soon as the person is entitled to receive a salary, and in any event from when the person starts their journey to work. It ends on the 31st day after the last day on which he or she was entitled to at least a 50% salary.  

What else is considered as the salary?

Salary in this case includes daily allowances paid out under compulsory accident insurance, military insurance, invalidity insurance, the system of compensation for loss of earnings, health insurance or by private health and accident insurance companies that compensate for loss of earnings as well as allowances paid by a cantonal maternity insurance.

Interim insurance cover

If a special insurance contract is agreed, the person insured can extend cover for non-occupational accidents for up to six months.

Part-time workers and workers posted abroad

In the case of part-time workers who are not insured against non-occupational accidents, compulsory insurance ends as soon as the person reaches home after his or her last day in employment.

If an employee is sent to work abroad for a limited period by an employer domiciled or headquartered in Switzerland, the insurance cover remains valid.

Suspension of the accident cover included in the health insurance

Employees who are compulsorily insured not only against occupational accidents but also non-occupational accidents can suspend the accident insurance cover that is included in their health insurance. The premium will be reduced accordingly.

Last modification 05.07.2018

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