Accident insurance: Who is subject to compulsory insurance?

Every person employed in Switzerland is insured against occupational accidents and illnesses under the UVG. People who work at least 8 hours per week for the same employer are also insured against non-occupational accidents.  

Employees working in Switzerland are subject to compulsory accident insurance. This includes:

  • home workers,
  • apprentices,
  • trainees,
  • volunteers,
  • persons training or working in workshops for the disabled,
  • household staff,
  • cleaning staff employed in private households.

In general, unemployed persons are also subject to compulsory accident insurance.

Who is not covered by compulsory insurance?

Persons who are not gainfully employed are not covered, for example:

  • housewives and househusbands,
  • children,
  • students,
  • pensioners.

They are required to obtain accident cover as part of their compulsory health insurance.

Last modification 23.04.2020

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