Accident insurance: Advice

Switzerland disposes of a dense network to provide extensive financial protection to people living and working here as well as their families against risks that go beyond what can be managed individually.

Some say it’s too much protection, others say it’s not enough. Ongoing development of the social security system and its adaptation to new challenges is thus a constant balancing act between what’s feasible and what’s desirable.

Even so, compared to other countries, the current system of social security provides a good level of protection: social security covers essential life events, starting with the costs of birth, to occupational accidents and up to death.

The ten federal acts

Below is an overview of the contents of the individual social security schemes:

  • Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI)
  • Invalidity Insurance (IV)
  • Supplementary Benefits (SB)
  • Loss of Earnings Compensation (LEC)
  • Unemployment Insurance (ALV)
  • Accident Insurance (UV)
  • Health Insurance (HI)
  • Military Insurance (MI)
  • Occupational Benefits Provision or 2nd Pillar
  • Family Allowances (FA)
  • Cover for Maternity
  • Not Social Security: Welfare Assistance

Advice for insured persons

Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt (Suva)

Unfallversicherung - Wegleitung des SVV

Advice for SMEs

The Federal Social Insurance Office’s “Ratgeber Sozialversicherung” (Social Insurance Adviser) provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a comprehensive overview of the individual insurance schemes as well as useful assistance on how to deal with social security companies.

Ratgeber Sozialversicherung: Ein praktischer Führer für KMU

Advice for foreigners

OASI/IV information centre fact sheets

The brochure “Swiss social insurance system: Sojourn in Switzerland and departure” explains the Swiss social security basics. 

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