Military insurance: Benefits and reimbursement of expenses

The benefits and reimbursement of expenses comprise:

- treatment, including home care and spa treatments
- reimbursement of the cost of aids
- reimbursement of travel and rescue expenses

Treatment, home care and spa treatments

Insured persons are entitled to receive appropriate and cost-effective treatment designed to improve their health or their ability to work.
Military insurance covers outpatient treatment provided by appropriate health professionals and inpatient treatment in a general ward.
In addition, military insurance covers dental treatment required as a result of accidents occurring during service or for the treatment of diseases (in accordance with the KVG).
Additional payments are made for home care and spa treatments. The actual costs are covered, with no financial limits.


For insured persons with disabilities, military insurance also provides basic, functional medical aids. As military insurance does not maintain a list of aids, the latest models can be made available more quickly.

Reimbursement of travel and rescue expenses

Military insurance reimburses travel, transport, search and rescue expenses, provided that the costs were justified. Apart from this condition, there are no financial limits, even if the costs are incurred abroad.

Last modification 02.06.2020

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