Health insurance: Requirement to obtain insurance for persons resident in Switzerland

Anyone settling in Switzerland must take out health insurance within three months after taking up residence. After a birth, parents must obtain insurance for the child within the same period.  

Under the European Regulations on the coordination of social security systems, certain persons, even though they are resident in Switzerland, may be subject to insurance obligations in an EU/EFTA country or in United Kingdom (UK). More information on this topic can be found under the categories of persons listed opposite.  

Beginning of compulsory insurance

Essentially, any person who is resident in Switzerland is required to obtain health insurance – or to be insured by their legal representative – within three months after taking up residence – or being born – in Switzerland.

Each member of a family – adult or child – has to be individually insured. If insurance is obtained within the specified period, coverage takes effect from birth or from the beginning of residence in Switzerland. Any costs which may have been incurred since the starting date will be reimbursed retrospectively. Accordingly, premiums are also payable retrospectively from the starting date.
In the event of delayed registration, coverage will only take effect from the date of enrolment, and a surcharge will be payable unless the delay is justified.

End of compulsory insurance

Coverage ceases when an insured person is no longer subject to compulsory insurance:

  • if he or she dies
  • if he or she leaves Switzerland to take up residence in another country, unless the person is required to remain insured in Switzerland under the bilateral agreements with the EU/EFTA or other international social security agreements.

Undocumented migrants

For persons formerly resident abroad who have not yet established a domicile in Switzerland, the place of temporary residence is deemed to be the domicile. Undocumented migrants (“sans-papiers”) residing in Switzerland are required to have compulsory health insurance. Asylum seekers (receiving emergency assistance) whose applications have been rejected but who have not yet left Switzerland remain subject to compulsory health insurance until their departure. Insurers are not entitled to report to the authorities any persons residing in Switzerland without a valid residence permit.

List of authorised health insurers

People are free to choose any authorised health insurer. Health insurers are obliged to enrol all applicants without any exclusions or waiting period, regardless of their age or state of health.
Applications should be submitted directly to the health insurer of your choice.
The list of authorised health insurers is available below.

Last modification 27.06.2023

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