Health insurance: Comparison of premiums

Health insurance premiums are calculated by the insurers. They are approved and published by the Federal Office of Public Health. 

Approval of premiums

Insurers calculate the premiums for compulsory health insurance (basic insurance) and optional daily allowance insurance. They are required to submit the premiums to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) for approval.

The FOPH checks that the premiums ensure the insurer’s solvency and safeguard the interests of policyholders. Premiums are only approved if they comply with the statutory requirements and cover costs. Premiums must not, however, exceed costs by a disproportionate amount or give rise to excessive reserves.

Comparison of premiums

After being approved, health insurance premiums are published by the FOPH: an overview and a premium calculator for compulsory health insurance are available at Premiums for optional daily allowance insurance are published on the FOPH website. These tools can be used to compare premiums for the following year.

In addition to details of new premiums, the FOPH provides factsheets and further information for insured persons.


Premiums 2023

Fact sheets

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