Health insurance: Overdue premiums

If premiums are not paid or contributions to costs are overdue, the insurer sends the insured a warning, preceded by a reminder. The insurer grants a period of 30 days for payment and informs the insured of the consequences of late payment. If, in spite of the warning, the insured does not pay the overdue premiums within the stated period, the insurer may initiate proceedings against the insured.

Non-payment of premiums

If premiums or contributions to costs are not paid, the insurer:

  • sends the insured a reminder
  • then sends the insured a warning
  • and finally takes legal action against the insured

The cantons pay the overdue premiums and contributions to costs if the insured officially has no sizeable assets

The canton pays 85 % of the debts for which a certificate of loss or an equivalent document has been issued.

Cantonal list of insureds who do not pay their premiums; suspension of assumption of costs

The cantons can keep a list of insured individuals who do not pay their premiums despite action being taken. On being notified by the canton, the insurer suspends benefits for these individuals with the exception of benefits for medical emergencies.

Once the insured individuals have cleared their debts, the insurer informs the competent cantonal authority that the suspension has been lifted.

Last modification 03.07.2018

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