Health insurance: Overdue premiums

If premiums or co-payments are not paid, the policyholder will receive a reminder, followed by a demand for payment. Finally, debt recovery proceedings will be initiated.

Non-payment of premiums

If premiums or co-payments are not paid, the insurer will:

  • issue a reminder;
  • issue a demand for payment;
  • finally, initiate debt recovery proceedings.

Settlement of overdue premiums and co-payments by the cantons if a certificate of loss is issued

The canton will settle 85% of the claims for which a certificate of loss or equivalent legal title has been issued.

Cantonal list of policyholders in arrears and suspension of reimbursement

The cantons can maintain a list of policyholders who remain in arrears in spite of debt recovery proceedings. On being notified by the canton, insurers will defer reimbursement of treatment costs for these policyholders, except in the case of emergency treatments.

As soon as the policyholder settles the outstanding debts, the insurer informs the competent cantonal authority that the suspension of reimbursement is to be terminated.

Last modification 30.04.2020

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