Health insurance: Insurance models with restricted choice of service provider

You can save up to 20 per cent if you agree to a restricted choice of doc-tors and hospitals under an HMO or GP insurance model.

A wide variety of insurance models are available. The best known are the GP and HMO (health maintenance organisation) models.

Reductions relate to the premium for standard insurance with accident cover.

HMO model

Under the HMO model, treatment is provided at an HMO centre (e.g. group practice).

GP model

With the GP model, patients are always required (except in an emergency) to consult their own GP first, who then decides whether they need to see a specialist. It is advisable to study the terms and conditions of insurance carefully.

Please note:

If this insurance is combined with an optional deductible, it may not be possible for the full reduction to be granted owing to the legal requirements concerning the minimum premium.

Last modification 03.07.2018

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