Health insurance: Insured persons resident in Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland, find out here about everything you need to know: premium comparisons, premium reductions, your contribution to costs, special forms of insurance, voluntary daily benefits insurance and your insurance card.

Want to calculate or compare premiums for compulsory (basic) health insurance? On the website you’ll find a neutral premium calculator provided by the federal authorities.

Mandatory insurance requirement

Anyone settling in Switzerland must obtain insurance within three months after taking up residence. / Beginning and end of compulsory insurance/List of authorised health insurers

Premiums and contributions to costs

Insurers set the premiums paid by policyholders.
Services are subject to co-payment by policyholders.

Special forms of insurance

Insureds have various options for reducing their premium: 1) choosing a higher deductible, 2) limiting their choice of doctors and hospitals (e.g. by choosing a family doctor model) or 3) opting for a bonus model.

Premium reductions

People on low incomes are entitled to health insurance premium subsidies.

Voluntary daily benefits insurance

Optional daily allowance insurance offers protection if you are unable to work as a result of an accident, illness or maternity.

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary (or top-up) insurance plans cover benefits not included under compulsory (basic) health insurance. They are optional for insureds, and insurers are under no obligation to admit applicants to supplementary insurance.

Insurance card

Insurers issue their insureds with an insurance card. It helps improve the quality of medical care and simplify the settlement of claims, and can also serve as ID for the electronic patient record.

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