Health insurance: Diplomats and international public servants abroad

Public servants and family members living abroad must be covered by Swiss compulsory health insurance.  

The following are deemed to be public servants:

  • employees of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) regularly posted abroad;
  • employees of the FDFA or another federal department working outside Switzerland;
  • persons living abroad on account of their work for another Swiss public-law entity or institution.

Family members are also subject to Swiss compulsory health insurance, unless they work and are therefore subject to the host country’s health insurance system.

It should be noted that locally recruited staff are not subject to Swiss compulsory health insurance.

Further information

Health insurance: Diplomats and international organisation staff

Staff members of permanent missions and international organisations, and their family members, are not obliged to obtain health insurance.

EU/EFTA/UK premiums and premium subsidies

Persons insured in Switzerland pay the EU/EFTA/UK premiums applicable for their country of residence. Those on low incomes are entitled to premium subsidies.

Treatment abroad for policyholders resident abroad

Persons insured in Switzerland and resident abroad are entitled to be treated in the country where they are staying or residing, or in Switzerland.

Last modification 27.06.2024

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