Health insurance: EU/EFTA premiums and premium reductions

Persons domiciled in an EU/EFTA country who are required to take out health insurance under the terms of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (AFMP) or the EFTA Convention must pay the health insurance premiums applicable to their country of domicile.

EU/EFTA premiums

About one third of Swiss health insurance funds offer policies covering people domiciled in an EU or EFTA country. Some funds offer cover only for certain EU countries. These premiums must cover the costs incurred in all the countries in which policies are offered. Insurers must calculate individual premiums for each country, to reflect differences in costs.

EU/EFTA premium reductions

Switzerland grants premium reductions to policyholders of modest means residing in EU and EFTA countries. The premium reductions granted to pensioners and their family members are authorised by the Confederation and managed by the Common Institution under the KVG (see link below “Premium reductions for pensioners domiciled in an EU/EFTA country”). Conversely, in the case of people employed in Switzerland, cross-border commuters and those drawing unemployment benefit, these reductions are granted by the canton in which the people concerned work or live. The document below lists the addresses of the cantonal institutions authorised to grant premium reductions.

Further information

Health insurance: Insurance obligation for persons domiciled abroad

In principle, persons leaving Switzerland to live abroad are no longer subject to the compulsory health insurance requirement. Exceptions do however apply to people in certain categories.

Last modification 17.08.2018

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