Health insurance: Co-payment for persons domiciled abroad

Medical treatments received by policyholders in Switzerland, and in certain cases abroad, are subject to co-payment. Co-payment regulations vary depending on the country in which the patient is insured. 

Co-payment by EU/EFTA or UK policyholders receiving treatment in Switzerland  

Policyholders from EU/EFTA or United Kingdom who require medical treatment during a temporary stay in Switzerland (e.g. tourists) pay a lump-sum deductible and retention fee. This is CHF 92 for adults and CHF 33 for children over a period of 30 days. In the event of hospitalisation, policyholders must also pay a daily contribution of CHF 15 to the costs of the hospital stay. Further information is available on the website of the Swiss health insurance liaison body (Common Institution under the KVG): Temporary stay in Switzerland” and “Domicile in EU/EFTA or UK”.

Further information

Health insurance: Co-payment for persons resident in Switzerland

Services are generally subject to co-payment by policyholders.

Last modification 19.04.2024

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