Data Provision (HIO)

Art. 28 section 5 HIO concerning the provision by insurers to the FOPH of data required for monitoring purposes has been revised in order to assign to the FOPH responsibility for ensuring insurees’ anonymity in the context of data use and matching.

The revision of Art. 28 section 5 HIO was integrated into the wider-ranging revision of Art. 30 ff. HIO concerning data transmission by service providers.

Thus, since 1 August 2016, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), and not the insurers, has been responsible for ensuring insurees’ anonymity when insurers transfer data.

The anonymisation procedure for the transmission of data between insurers and the FOPH has been made more robust, as has the procedure for handling this anonymised information within the FOPH. This means that no data item recorded by the FOPH can be linked to any insuree’s identity. The security process complies with the Federal Data Protection Act. The information that is recorded and then analysed enables the FOPH to check that all insurees are treated equally, to monitor the regulatory compliance of premiums for statutory health insurance and to improve the risk compensation process.

Last modification 06.07.2018

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