Vitamin D testing prior to the prescription of vitamin D

There has been a rise in the number of vitamin D tests carried out in Switzerland in recent years. It is unclear whether such tests prior to prescribing vitamin D supplementation offer any benefits. Owing to the significant costs incurred, the aim of the literature review was to find out whether vitamin D testing offers a medical benefit and is economically viable.

The literature review included members of groups at high risk of vitamin D deficiency, such as older adults, people with bone diseases, obese people, pregnant women, people with dark skin, and athletes. No previous studies have highlighted the health benefits of vitamin D testing in these groups. The economic pros and cons also remained unclear, as the results of previous studies varied widely. One study showed that in older people and those with dark skin, taking vitamin D directly without prior testing can reduce costs.

As there are very few studies on the benefits of vitamin D testing, a full HTA report will not be drawn up at this time. The use of vitamin D testing in people for whom it is medically necessary is not disputed.

Last modification 02.10.2020

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