Sedative and sleep-promoting medicines for the treatment of chronic sleep disorders

The group of sedative and sleep-promoting medicines is used in sleep disorders in order to alleviate persistent episodes of tension and anxiety. According to the product information they should not be prescribed for longer than four weeks. The report compares the medium- and long-term efficacy and safety, as well as the costs, of this group of medicines compared to dummy drugs and other treatments and also to their short-term use.

The results did not produce a clear picture. According to the report, the evidence indicated that the drugs remain effective to a certain extent and are safe even during long-term use, but that they are not necessarily cost efficient. The use of sedative and sleep-promoting medicines leads to dependency and increasing doses. During long-term use, certain older people suffer from side effects or interactions with other drugs taken at the same time, resulting in the discontinuation of treatment. There is also an increased risk of traffic accidents and bone fractures.

Last modification 09.02.2022

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