Maternity services

Compulsory health insurance covers not only the same services as for sickness but also specific maternity services.

What are the specific maternity services?

The following services will be paid for by the compulsory health insurance:

  • check-ups performed by a doctor or a midwife or prescribed by a doctor, during and after pregnancy,
  • Birth at home, in hospital or in a birthing centre,
  • A contribution to the cost of antenatal classes,
  • Breastfeeding advice,
  • Services provided by midwives before, during and after the birth.

Cost contributions

The insurer may not ask for any cost contributions for specific maternity services. In addition, as of the 13th week of pregnancy and up until eight weeks after the birth, women no longer have to contribute to the cost of general medical services or care in the event of illness.

Services by midwives

Compulsory health insurance will cover the following services performed by a midwife:

  • Check-ups
  • Prescription for an ultrasound scan
  • Pre-partum cardiotocography
  • Post-partum check-up between the sixth and tenth week after birth
  • Antenatal classes. Compulsory health insurance will pay a contribution of CHF 150 for individual or group antenatal classes.
  • Breastfeeding consultations. Compulsory health insurance will pay for three consultations.


In the first 56 days after delivery, the midwife may provide follow-up care at home and make the following visits:

  • following a premature or multiple birth, for first-time mothers or after a Caesarean section, the midwife may make a maximum of 16 visits, and, in the first 10 days after the birth, on a maximum of five occasions, may make a second visit on the same day. A medical prescription is required for any further home visits.
  • in other situations a maximum of 10 home visits, and in the ten days after the birth, the midwife may, in addition to the home visits, make a second home visit on the same day on a maximum of five occasions. A medical prescription is required for any further home visits.

Once the first 56 days after delivery have elapsed, further home visits are only possible if prescribed by a doctor.

Last modification 03.07.2019

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