Pharmaceuticals and medicinal products

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) draws up positive lists of drugs and special therapies (SL/LS) and preparations, active substances and excipients. Each list sets down the maximum prices and tariffs for payment under mandatory basic health insurance.

Specialities list (SL/LS)

The specialities list contains original formulations and lower-cost generics, including prices, covered by mandatory basic health insurance. A drug approved by swissmedic and contained in the SL must be effective, expedient and economical, and may have a limitation.

Medicines list with tariff

This is a list of products and active substances and excipients used in extemporaneous preparation, with the corresponding tariffs. These tariffs also cover the services provided by the pharmacist.

List of drugs for birth defects and congenital disorders

This is a list of drugs to be paid for under mandatory basic health insurance that were covered for people receiving federal disability (IV/AS) benefits until age twenty that they will continue to require subsequently.

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