National Vaccination Strategy (NVS)

The Confederation, together with the cantons and other stakeholders, has drawn up a national vaccination strategy (NVS) with the aim of guaranteeing that the population is sufficiently protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

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Framework strategy

Vaccination ranks among the most effective and less expensive health measures. The vaccination system in Switzerland still has some weak points, however. For example, the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved remain unclear, the access to vaccinations is sometimes difficult and certain groups of the population remain unconvinced of the need and effect of certain vaccinations.

The NVS, as a framework strategy, creates conditions for the vaccines to be administered in a coordinated, effective and efficient manner in order to protect public health. It has three key points: the stakeholders are encouraged to become involved in the vaccination, the public is well informed, such that an individual can make informed decisions, and the barriers to vaccination are reduced.

Axes of intervention

A wide range of measures is needed to achieve these objectives. The measures fall along five axes. The first axis relates to the empowerment and accountability of the parties involved; it aims, for example, to improve the clarity of the Swiss Vaccination Schedule and the availability of vaccines. The second axis relates to measures involving the population, notably on communication and for a better access to vaccination. The third focuses on the training of healthcare professionals and the exchange of experiences between cantons. The fourth axis relates to monitoring, research and assessment. Finally, the fifth axis deals with specific strategies for diseases that may be preventable by vaccination.

Development and implementation

Work on the development of the NVS began at the end of 2012. Three workshops were then held, involving more than 30 experts and representatives of the principal stakeholders, in order to define issues to be addressed, the objectives and the priority measures. These meetings enabled a first draft to be drawn up, which was discussed in a fourth workshop in June 2015. All interested parties were given the opportunity to provide their opinion on the strategy project from the end of March to the beginning of July 2016. The Federal Council adopted the NVS on 11 January 2017 and charged the FOPH with the implementation, in collaboration with the cantons and other principal stakeholders.

Below you can find a summary of the NVS. For the full documentation on the NVS, please consult this page in French, German or Italian.


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