Strategies & policy

The FOPH is responsible for formulating and developing healthcare policy. We concentrate on ensuring all sections of the population have access to prevention and early diagnosis services and optimum medical treatment, but we also focus on quality assurance and fundability and steering the healthcare system. Find out here about the federal administration’s Health2020 strategy, the national healthcare strategies and the areas of focus in healthcare policy.

Strategy Health2020

Going forward the Swiss healthcare system has to maintain its high quality and remain fundable and accessible to everyone. This is the goal of the 36 measures set out in the federal administration’s Health2020 strategy. Find out more here.

National health strategies

Switzerland has adopted national strategies designed to safeguard and improve the health of the population. The FOPH coordinates nationwide activities. Find out here about the various action plans, master plans and strategies.

National health policy

National health policy coordinates and aligns the efforts of the federation, cantons and municipalities in select areas of healthcare. Find out here about the current areas of policy.