Rare diseases

Orphan (rare) diseases affect fewer than five people in every 10,000. They are hard to diagnose, and it is often a long time before patients get the right care. Switzerland has adopted a national rare disease policy designed to improve the situation for those affected.

There is broad consensus on the general goals: diagnoses should be made in reasonable time, and patients should receive good quality care throughout the course of the disease. The idea is to support and bolster the resources available to patients and their families. Patients should receive socio-professional support with administrative matters. Furthermore, Switzerland’s active, targeted involvement in international research should be promoted. Find out more here.

Numerous rare diseases with many people affected

Estimates put the number of people with a rare disease in Switzerland at more than half a million.

National Rare Disease Policy

The National Rare Disease Policy is the Swiss Federal Council’s response to postulate 10.4055 on national strategy to improve the health situation of people with rare diseases and postulate 11.4025 on the health hardship commission.

Projects and measures under the National Rare Disease Policy

19 measures designed to make life easier for people with a rare disease and provide them with optimum care.

National Rare Disease Policy: stakeholders involved

Only joint efforts lead to improvement

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