People & health

The FOPH works for people’s health. Here you’ll find a wealth of useful information on people and health, for example about communicable, non-communicable and rare diseases, health in various age groups, workplace health promotion, mental health, and nutrition, exercise and addiction. You’ll also find information on how to handle chemicals and the effects of radiation, radioactivity and noise. 

Communicable diseases

Safeguarding the Swiss public against communicable diseases is one of the core duties of the FOPH. Find out here about a range of topics including infectious diseases, vaccinations, diagnostics and notification systems.

Rare diseases

Only a small number of individuals suffer from any given rare disease. Despite this, hundreds of thousands are affected in Switzerland. Find out here about the national policy Switzerland has adopted to improve the situation for these people.

Biomedicine & research

Thanks to medical research and technological advances we’re seeing the emergence of new treatment methods and products all the time. Find out more about the possibilities and the relevant rules and regulations.

Body weight & exercise

A balanced diet and sufficient exercise are key to physical and mental health. Find out here about the FOPH’s efforts to promote healthy weight and everyday exercise.

Paediatric & adolescent health

Children and young people are at a crucial phase in terms of their development and their health as adults. For this reason FOPH has adopted a range of measures to promote the health of children and young people. Find out more here.


Addiction and dependence pose a risk to individuals and society as a whole. Here you’ll find information on alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other drugs, prevention and damage limitation, and the advice and therapies available.


If they’re not used properly chemicals can damage your health. Here you’ll find information on how to handle chemicals in everyday, commercial and industrial settings as well as information on environmental toxins in the home, chemical safety and nanotechnology.

Radiation, radioactivity & sound

The FOPH works to safeguard people and the environment from the health risks of radiation. Find out here about the health aspects of radiation, radioactivity in the environment, radon and medical applications of radiation.

Climate change & health

Long-term increases in temperature impact our health.