Radon action plans

The Federal Council adopted the Radon action plan 2021-2030 on 8 May 2020. This action plan ensures the continuation of the radon protection strategy and is a further development of the Radon action plan 2012-2020.


Radon action plan 2021-2030

The Radon Action Plan 2021-2030 of 8 May 2020 can be downloaded under "Documents" and contains the following four lines of action:


Radon action plan 2012-2020

The Radon Action Plan 2012-2020 can be downloaded under "Documents" and contains seven main objectives:
• Revision of the legal regulations
• Extending our knowledge of radon exposure in dwellings
• The promotion of protective measures against radon in buildings
• Planning an efficient strategy for remediation
• Including radon in the training of construction experts
• Improving public awareness to health problems caused by radon
• Developing the tools and methods

The FOPH has commissioned an external evaluation of the Radon 2012-2020 action plan. The results are available under "Related topics".


Related topics


Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive noble gas, which can seep into buildings through the ground.

Chemikaliensicherheit und Strahlenschutz

Hier finden Sie Evaluationsberichte im Bereich Chemikaliensicherheit und Strahlenschutz.

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