Organisation of the implementation of the action plan for synthetic nanomaterials

Various federal agencies are involved in the implementation of the Action plan for synthetic nanomaterials. A support group comprising representatives of all stakeholders advises the authorities on implementation.


The Chemicals and Plant Protection Products Steering Committee is tasked with managing implementation of the action plan. The Chemicals Coordinating Committee is in charge of the project and monitors the implementation process. The Management Team, which is responsible for the operational management, consists of representatives of the federal offices FOEN, FOPH, FSVO, FOAG, CTI, SERI, SECO, METAS and Swissmedic which are involved in the implementation of the action plan. The nanotechnology stakeholders are pooled in a support group (approximately 60 people), which is invited by the management team’s FOPH representative to attend a meeting once a year.

Enforcement coordination is ensured through the exchange of information between the Management Team and the Chemicals Coordinating Committee.

Implementation of the action plan is divided into four sub-projects that handle the various implementation areas of the action plan with a suitable composition of the involved federal offices and in the appropriate chronological order. The Management Team ensures the coordination between the individual sub-projects. The Management Team is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board (five independent subject matter experts from the Swiss higher education sector), which provides scientific advice on the implementation of the action plan and the proposed publications.

Last modification 30.07.2018

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