Action plan to strengthen the radiological security in Switzerland "Radiss"

Switzerland intends to intensify the prevention of hazards associated with radioactive materials out of regulatory control. On 21 October 2020, the Federal Council adopted the Action Plan 2020–2025 to strengthen radiological security and safety.


Radioactive materials are used, for example, in cancer radiotherapy, sterilization or material testing. When they are not or no longer under regulatory control, they are a danger to people and the environment and can cause great harm. For this reason, any loss of control of radioactive materials, whether through negligence or malicious acts, must be prevented.

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Action plan Radiss 2020–2025

The action plan includes measures to prevent the theft and sabotage of radioactive materials.

  • Companies working with dangerous high activity sealed sources must prevent unauthorized access.
  • The use of high activity sealed sources is only authorized when there are no alternative methods (methods without radioactive sources).

If radioactive materials get out of regulatory control – for example due to improper disposal – they must be detected before they can put at risk health and environment:

  • The action plan includes measures to detect radiological legacies (e.g. radium-containing objects) or radioactive materials that have been disposed of illegally. To this end, disposal or recycling companies will have to measure the radioactivity of all collected materials.
  • Border controls carried out by the authorities will be strengthened and shall detect and stop possible unauthorized imports and exports or illegal transit of radioactive materials.

The action plan also aims to strengthen collaboration between federal departments involved in the management of radiological events.

  • These include federal services in the areas of radiation protection, national security, criminal prosecution and intelligence.

In addition, Switzerland wants to promote international coordination.

Strategy and fields of action

Switzerland intends to strengthen radiological security and safety by means of the following strategic objectives

  • prevent radioactive materials from being used for malicious or terrorist purposes;
  • prevent the uncontrolled spread of radioactive materials;
  • prevent the illicit import, export and transit of radioactive materials;
  • limit damage and initiate criminal proceedings after a radiological event.

Three fields of action, eight priorities (P) and 19 corresponding measures (M) are derived from these strategic objectives:

Fields of action, priorities and measures of the action plan Radiss. The following table describes the contents of the image.
Summary of the fields of action, priorities and measures of the action plan

More detailed information on Radiss can be found in the PDF document of the action plan. It is available in German, French and Italian and you can download the PDF under "Documents".

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