Framework Concept for Palliative Care

The “National Strategy for Palliative Care” of the federal government and the cantons incorporated a number of areas, including education, care delivery and awareness raising. The “Swiss Palliative Care Concept” was developed as a common basis.

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The objective of the «Framework Concept for Palliative Care in Switzerland» is to provide a basis for defining palliative care in Switzerland. The intention is for this to serve as a common thread running through all the areas covered by the «National Strategy for Palliative Care» by providing a defining description of the field of palliative care in Switzerland. Better coordination of the concepts and definitions used to date is needed to ensure clear guidance and mutual understanding. In an international context, as yet, no task of this kind has been carried out.

The «Framework Concept for Palliative Care in Switzerland» aims to establish a common basis for the various activities within the scope of the «National Strategy for Palliative Care» and to place them in an overall context.

Basis and Implementation

The first part of this document describes the fundamental principles on which the framework concept is based. The second part applies these principles to the implementation of the concept in four areas: «target groups», «services», «care structures» and «competencies». A list of reference documents which examine these aspects in greater detail is provided for each area. These lists are related to the current status of the work being carried out and must be adapted and supplemented on an ongoing basis.

The «Framework Concept for Palliative Care in Switzerland» is a working tool for all persons and institutions involved in the implementation of the «National Strategy for Palliative Care» at national and cantonal or regional level.

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