“Prevention and control” action area (PC)

Implementation of appropriate prevention measures and introduction of new modules contribute towards achieving the NOSO Strategy’s global objective.

Strategic objective

Staff, patients, residents and visitors to hospitals and nursing homes are familiar with the problem of HAIs and their consequences for personal and public health. They understand the measures to be taken and help implement them. Immunisation is promoted in hospitals and nursing homes.

Key measures

Optimise and further develop prevention and control (PC-1)

Healthcare facilities are continuously putting into practice the recommendations and derived national standards and guidelines on prevention and control of HAIs.

Promote public awareness and involve persons directly affected in infection prevention (PC-2)

The promoting of awareness and involvement occurs in a suitable form at various levels and addresses decision-makers at institutional, cantonal and national levels as well as the general public. Patients, residents and visitors of nursing homes are included in infection prevention.

Promote learning and dialogue culture in hospitals and nursing homes (PC-3)

In every healthcare facility, infection prevention becomes an integral part of corporate culture and quality management. The possibility of sanction-free reporting on errors and incidents contributes to the constructive dialogue and thus to the institution’s continuing development.

Promote preventive vaccination in hospitals and nursing homes (PC-4)

Healthcare facilities motivate their staff to be vaccinated against preventable infectious diseases and have their vaccination status checked regularly. They also make other persons who are in hospitals or nursing homes either temporarily or in the longer term increasingly aware of the benefits of vaccination.

Examples of implementation

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