“Monitoring” action area (M)

The “Monitoring” action area aims to establish the systematic acquisition and analysis of data in the area of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). It is equally as important to make targeted analyses of the data, thereby expediting the continuous improvement process within the institutions. 

Strategic objective

A national system for monitoring healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and their influencing factors (structures and processes) has been set up and is in operation. HAI data and analyses are promptly available and presented according to needs and target group. Switzerland has a high level of knowledge about the epidemiology of dangerous pathogens which can cause HAIs.

Key measures

Set up and operate a national monitoring system (M-1)

Local stakeholders are to be empowered and provided with appropriate training. The quality of monitoring is to be ensured.

Evaluate data in a targeted fashion, making analyses available promptly according to needs and target group (M-2)

Relevant observations are regularly evaluated according to defined criteria. Data are used as recommended by the specialists responsible. Staff receive immediate feedback on their adherence to hygiene measures. Healthcare facilities introduce public reporting and benchmarking.

Enhance early detection (M-3)

The NOSO Strategy provides the necessary framework to ensure that any threatening HAI outbreaks are detected early and the spread of pathogens can be contained. Reporting topics and deadlines are determined and put on a statutory basis, and early detection systems within institutions are enhanced.

Last modification 03.12.2019

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