“Education and research” action area (ER)

The competences and abilities of healthcare facility personnel are improved and their awareness of the topic of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is strengthened. As far as research is concerned, there are gaps as well. For that reason, the research topic of HAIs should be promoted politically and financially in Switzerland.  

Strategic objective

Staff in hospitals and nursing homes are trained and further educated in infection prevention according to needs. They have the necessary competences to help reduce HAIs. Research and development are promoted, and the use of new technologies is systematically evaluated.

Key measures

Reinforce the importance of infection prevention in training and continuing professional development (ER-1)

Learning objectives for dealing with HAIs are defined for all health professions according to the specific task, with learning content being conveyed according to existing knowledge. Medical and non-medical personnel in healthcare institutions have the necessary competences to contribute to the reduction of HAIs.

Anchor the issue of HAIs in research promotion (ER-2)

Research and innovation promotion stakeholders are encouraged to launch an increasing number of solicitations on the subject of HAIs and identify existing gaps in research. Based on their service contracts with the universities, the cantons influence the future direction of healthcare research.

Determine costs, efficacy and safety of new technologies, reinforce quality assurance (ER-3)

Decision-making principles are being developed that will allow technology users to assess costs, efficacy and safety of technological innovations even before they are introduced. To this end, evidence-based measurement data are defined and utilised.

Examples of implementation

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