Feasibility study on HAI prevalence in nursing homes

Even non-specialised nursing staff can collect meaningful data – such is one of the positive outcomes of a feasibility studies on surveying HAIs in eight nursing homes in the cantons of Vaud and St. Gallen.  

The Office for Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control of the Canton of Vaud (HPCi Vaud) concluded its study in June 2018. For the first time we now have statistics on the spread of HAIs in nursing homes: 4.4% of a total of 562 nursing home residents were affected. According to the study non-specialised nursing staff can also collect meaningful data.

The second study was in 2019: St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital (KSSG), in collaboration with HPCi Vaud, investigated the spread of HAIs in nursing homes and the amount of antibiotics that are used. The HAI rate of 4.0 percent was comparable to the canton of Vaud (4.4 percent), whereas antibiotic use in St. Gallen was slightly lower (2 percent compared with 3.9 percent in Vaud).

Last modification 24.11.2023

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