Study on incentive systems

A study has provided rich insights into the factors that motivate hospitals and nursing homes to undertake concerted efforts to combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Skizze Studie

Reputation conducive to efforts to combat HAIs

Financial and other parameters have a major influence on the efforts made by hospitals and nursing homes to prevent HAIs. A study shows that two factors are particularly conducive: competition on quality, and reputation. Comparisons with other establishments are the subject of lively discussion, also at hospital management level.

Financial factors less relevant

The costs resulting from hospital infections, by contrast, factor in less, even though most hospital managements are aware that HAIs result in financial losses. The reasons for this are that the extent of the costs is not known, or there is a lack of conviction when it comes to actually bringing about savings by way of preventive efforts. The results underpin activities, current and planned, under the NOSO Strategy. In the future, standards and guidelines will provide a single framework for comparisons, and monitoring measures will help hospitals steer their own development more effectively.

Last modification 26.11.2023

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