Neuchâtel Cantonal Hospital: “HygièNE des mains”

An increase in adherence to hand hygiene measures from 61% to 85% within four years – such was the impressive result achieved by the Neuchâtel Cantonal Hospital. For its feat it was awarded the European Hand Hygiene Innovation Award 2017.

Comparison between hospitals as a motivating factor

“HygièNE des mains” (“Hand HygieNE”) is the name of the award-winning programme which was launched in 2012. It involved training, a personal hand hygiene kit for each employee and eye-catching communication tools, as well as personal audits, where a member of the hospital hygiene or the monitoring team observes a treatment sequence and provides expert feedback on hand hygiene. The results of the observation are analysed and regularly published in all five participating hospitals. This opportunity for comparison was a crucial factor for changing the corporate culture and, in connection with the non-judgmental feedbacks, led to the establishment of a minimum standard over time.

Success factors

The fact that hospital management initiated the project and supported it unreservedly was key to its success. Senior employees regularly took up the topic in meetings, and a comprehensive campaign with a broad range of measures was implemented.

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