SSI Surveillance

The consequences of surgical site infections (SSIs) are longer stays in hospitals, greater costs and even death. Swissnoso’s SSI Surveillance module records and monitors the development of surgical site infections in Swiss hospitals.

A large percentage of healthcare-associated infections are surgical site infections or SSIs. On behalf of the ANQ (the Swiss National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals), Swissnoso has been using the surveillance module to track SSIs since 2009. It monitors various types of operation in the fields of visceral surgery, gynaecology, orthopaedics, cardiac and spinal surgery.

Better quality thanks to public comparison

Every year Swissnoso provides healthcare institutions with an individual report and produces a national report. On its website the ANQ publishes risk-adjusted SSI rates transparently for each hospital and clinic. The data are presented and analysed under the scientific supervision of Swissnoso.

The publication of the results is an important part of the module, enabling hospitals to compare themselves with their peers, see their potential for improvement and identify any need for intervention to improve the quality of their medical care. More than 170 hospitals, clinics and hospital facilities in all Swiss cantons now participate in SSI Surveillance.

Last modification 26.11.2023

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