“SSI (surgical site infection) Intervention” module

Surgical site infections (SSIs) account for one quarter of hospital infections. Many of them could be avoided with simple practical measures. Swissnoso has developed a corresponding module.

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The “SSI Intervention” module developed by Swissnoso tackles the issue at three levels: by improving the processes of preparing patients for surgery (hair removal, preoperative skin disinfection and antibiotic prophylaxis); by simplifying monitoring; and by automatically evaluating whether medical personnel have correctly implemented the preventive measures. The “Clean Care Monitor” app captures the observations made during the processes. “SSI Intervention” furthermore aims at improving the organisational structure for the prevention of surgical site infections in participating hospitals in order to clarify who is responsible for what.

The module is available to all hospitals

The three-year pilot phase was successfully concluded in 2018. We were pleased to note an increase in adherence to the measures in hospitals from 56% to 66%, even though the improvement was not yet statistically significant. The module aims at lowering surgical site infections by a minimum of 10% within two years. The programme has been available to all Swiss hospitals since October 2018.

Last modification 26.11.2023

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