Clean Care Monitor

To prevent healthcare-associated infections in hospitals it’s crucial for medical personnel to follow the relevant preventive measures as closely as possible. The Clean Care Monitor app from Swissnoso gives staff direct, prompt feedback. 

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Feedback is an efficient way of improving compliance with measures to prevent infection – but only if those affected receive it directly and immediately after the situation has been observed. The Clean Care Monitor, an app offered to all hospitals by Swissnoso, makes sure this is the case. The app is an extension to the CleanHands tool developed by the hospital hygiene team at St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital. Currently the Clean Care Monitor is able to track measures for preventing infection in the operating theatre (hair removal, antisepsis and antibiotic prophylaxis). In 2018 the tool was developed and refined, and now also covers the handling of protective clothing and the insertion of catheters.

Easy entry by mobile phone or tablet

The Clean Care Monitor is an easy-to-use tool enabling observations on infection prevention to be entered on a smartphone or tablet during a treatment. The app immediately reports back the extent to which the relevant measures for preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) were complied with. It also analyses the development at the hospital in question over a longer period. Automated export to the SSI surveillance database enables compliance with preventive measures to be set in relation to the rate of infection, giving hospitals valuable information for internal monitoring purposes.

Last modification 26.11.2023

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